Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goal met!

Managed to reach my writing goal for the term, which is a good thing to have done. Ended up a few hundred words over (assuming I don't add to the story in the next couple of days).

15335 / 15000 words. 102% done!

I also wrote a bunch of The Event (4000 words) and two short stories (1600 words and 600 words).

Not a lot for 10 weeks, but not too bad either. I think I shall aim to add another 5,000 words to On a Roll in the holidays, complete 2 more short stories. I'm digging the short story vibe at the moment (writing 2 stories in 2 days is highly satisfying!).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Less crazy?

I think, gazing into the crystal ball of my schedule, that this week will be less crazy busy than last week. The next two days are panic stations time for my Y13 Media kids making their documentaries so I'll spend most of my school time in the computer room with them, but that's almost fun and I should be able to get some marking done while I'm in there.

After that it's one class a day and no exam cover (I had 4 hours of exam cover on Friday alone last week, so there's a bit of a contrast) until Friday. Friday is looking even better, with no classes at all.

Lots of exam marking to do, lots of other marking, and prizegiving stuff too, but it *looks* like I might actually have some time to do stuff :-)

And I have to write 600 words on On a Roll (current YA novel) to meet my term goal :-)

Also, I wrote a short story this weekend and have posted it on my livejournal (where I will be writing about writing from time to time).

Friday, September 18, 2009

Visiting the park


And playing with my new camera :-)
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tough Thursday

Not promoted.
Insanely busy at work.
Broken sleep last night.

Got to go home at lunch time and see family.
Yummy tuna and cheese toasted sandwiches for lunch.
Weight almost back to three months ago level (have eaten too many snacks this term, but not so many in the last week).
Will probably have a chance to go for a walk to the park with Debbie and Dom between my last class and my after school meeting today!

Two exams to set up/supervise tomorrow.

Weekend follows.

No exams next week, no seniors either. May get chance to take sick day. Holidays at the end of next week.

It's traumtastic! Fanatic! Wait, that one doesn't work. Wondawful. Awfderful. Exhaulirating. Splendire.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Father's Day and Shoes


I got lovely, lovely presents for Father's Day this year. A cool new camera, socks (5 pairs!) and smellies. Awesome!


Oh look, some shoes.


They're a pretty good fit.


Slightly heavy, but I can lift them!

PS: Debbie's part 4 of The Event is up - Wellington suffers some more...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


13291 / 15000 words. 89% done!

Two weeks to go, 1,709 words. Looking plausible :-)

What the duck?


Lazy cat took all of three steps towards these ducks to shoo them off before collapsing in a sunbeam :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Busy busy BUSY!

Have posted my Part Four of The Event. Not sure it moves things forward terribly but it was fun to write. In a horrible kind of way. Children in peril is much more traumatic to read about or see now we've got a Dom of our own.

Have applied for a (small) promotion at school, will have an interview next week. Joys.

Have arranged to get a new roof put on our house in the holidays. Old roof has many holes, rust and so on. Also getting new clear plastic covering for the deck. Will be watertight for a change! Sadly cost is much $. Still, that's what savings are for, right? Well, that and buying cameras and new bedroom tellies and paying the rates...

Prizegiving work has started, so that's a whole bunch of time and pressure. Still, I'm on track so far which is good and it's a satisfying project to work on.

Uh, looks like I'll meet my modest writing goal with the novel I'm writing this term. Will be past half way by the end of term. Will also aim to write a bunch during the holidays (another 10,000 words maybe).

Have moved into my new office at school. It's a lot nicer than the crazy rabbit warren we used to have.

Must photocopy exam papers for next week too. And organise a day during exams for students to come in and do catchup work.

Busy busy busy!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

He eats fruit!


And hopefully wins prizes in healthy smile contests ;-)

And he loooves the swing at the moment!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Look - pictures of a toddler!

Just for variety :P

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Took a week off

But with some encouragement from Debbie I'm back at the keyboard.

12196 / 15000 words. 81% done!

Advantages of being an aspiring writer

On cold mornings when the power's out you can burn your rejected manuscripts. Good for about 1 minute's heat per chapter.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

New camera

I now have a new (2nd hand) camera - a Sony DSC-H2. It's pretty cool. Easy to use, good zoom (12x), aperture/shutter modes. Lots of fun.

As long as the shutter button doesn't fly off randomly (a fault on the latter end of the production run aparently) it should provide hours of snappy entertainment :-)

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


On Saturday a bunch of gamers came over to our house for a day of lazy conversation, kicking beach balls around and gaming. It was a lot of fun and, though tiring, is something I'm keen to do again :-)

I played in a quick game of Zombie Cinema with Luke, Margie and Steve. It's a very simple game and I like the time it takes to run - an hour long game is pretty good for my current attention span. I put a few things into my character's background that could have been quite serious - she was a middle aged woman whose husband, daughter and son had all died recently. She was trying to pick up the peices in a positive, independent way (by singing in a talent show at Coastlands mall). I figured there was a strong element of personal tragedy there which could be played against the general tragedy and horror of a zombie apocalypse. As it turned out the family angle mostly played out as bizzare and twisted, rather than tragic. Although my character's zombie daughter being hacked to pieces in front of the stage whilst Total Eclipse of the Heart blared out through the sound system and my character tried to stoically keep singing through running mascara was on the tragic end of the spectrum...

In the afternoon Dom and I kicked around a beach ball with Luke and Steve, went to the park, went to the library then went for a walk with Giffy. Dom fell asleep in the pram after his busy day.

Debbie played in a Scarlet Pimpernel Best Friends game with Svend, Celeste, Steve and Margie which was, from all accounts, very plot twisty indeed. I shall leave it to people who actually played the game to comment on how awesome it was, but it sure sounded good when DOm and I rampaged past between excursions.

On Sunday we had a quiet day to recover which was very nice, and we picked up a 22 inch telly for the bedroom which was also very nice. A huge improvement on the 14 inch TV we'd had (what with most of the stuff we watch being widescreen, and therefore letterboxed on the old telly). Is pretty.

Now - ERO in the hizzouse. Off to print out unit and year plans I go...