Wednesday, September 28, 2005

None the Wiser

Well, another $70 down and my eye is still no better. And I shall have to fork out more $ for a specialist at the hospital, and further treatment no doubt. I guess I got a new, acidy eyedrop thing and a referral for my $.


I am looking forward to seeing my family! Debbie and I are headed north this weekend to see my folks, brother, sister and new niece. Should be a lot of fun. It feels like a while since we went on a road trip too, so I'm kinda looking forward to that too.

The holidays have been good so far - a little work (including going in to school for 3 hours yesterday), but mostly relaxing with Debz. We bought a shiny new camera, which we will use to snap holiday photos. We did some gardening (killing plants), went on several walks (including one that took over an hour), and I've helped some students edit their documentary for the CUT! Competition. All in all a good start to the holidays!

I fear that these holidays are likely to slip by very quickly, but then so will Term 4, and it'll be holidays again before I know it.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Holiday Matt!

Huzzah! I get to sleep in tomorrow! And the next day!

And a few days more in the next two weeks. I am oh so terribly happy.

In fact, I'm tempted to go have a nap right now...


Was good. Very good. I am very tired today (we got home around 11.45pm), but it was worth it. I won't say too much, as I don't want to give away any spoilers, but:

It follows quite a movie-formula structure

Tonally it's a little less warm than the TV show as a whole

The stakes are raised quite high, and the tension that goes with it is very well executed

It's very, very pretty. Nicely done sfx

It felt a lot more SF than Western (not that the TV show was all that Western really, but the film is quite SF).

I think non-Firefly fans will be able to follow and enjoy the story, and Firefly fans will be very satisfied.

Two thumbs up - but I say no more.

Firefly fever!

I am very, very excited about seeing Serenity tonight! I shall be racing home as soon as my colleague finishes crossmarking his research projects (not the most convenient timing given my need to be in Welly tonight), having a quick snack and a shower, then driving down with my good lady wife and enjoying some filmy goodness.

Debbie and I have been watching bits and pieces of Firefly the past couple of days, and are very much in the mood for some movie-going.

We also received a very cool present from Jenni and Lee - loads of awesome 48 hour photos and some Family Guy on CD, some pens (from Jenni's trip, I suspect), and a FANTASTIC SCRAPBOOK OF THE 48! It's gorgeous. Totally lovely. It made us both very happy campers, and has spread the birthday joy across many months of the year! Hooray.