Monday, February 21, 2011

At the beach (again)

With many thanks to Debbie for taking such lovely pictures :-)

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Book tetris

Dominic has taken to using his books to create linear installation artworks. All over the floor. He's quite meticulous about the placement.


At one point he started placing a single toy on top of each book, but the fourth toy was a ball and it kept rolling off, so he discontinued the books and toys combo in favour of book purity.
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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


My short story 'No Hidden Costs' which is part of the A Foreign Country anthology has received one nomination for Best Short Story in the Sir Julius Vogel awards! If it's going to make it onto the ballot it'll probably need a bunch more nominations (big categories like Best Short Story are whittled down by number of nominations, I believe), but it's lovely that someone liked it enough to send in a nomination.

If you want to nominate it you just have to send an email to which includes the following:

I would like to nominate Matt Cowens' story 'No Hidden Costs' in the anthology 'A Foreign Country' from Random Static Press for Best Short Story.

Name / Title of work: No Hidden Costs
Name of Producer / Author / Creator: Matt Cowens
What the work is: Short Story
Year of First Release: 2010
Publisher / Production company name: Random Static Press
How to contact the producer / author: *Put in my email address - although they already have it from the previous nomination*
What category you think the nomination belongs to: Professional awards
GENRE - science fiction
Contact details of the person making the nomination e.g. email or/and phone
number: *Put in your details*
Where to get a copy of the work:

Why you're nominating it: (eg, "I'm Matt's mother and I think he's a very clever boy.")

It would be neat to make it onto the ballot, but there are a lot of excellent writers who I intend to nominate, so I'm not holding my breath. It was lovely to get an email letting me know that someone had taken the time to nominate No Hidden Costs though - thanks Helen!