Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Busy like a fox!

Whew. We've been to Christchurch and back, finished marking, packed up and finally gotten rid of all the boxes and bags from marking, and are settling into the peaceful routine of writing LARP characters and doing other Kapcon work.

This has not been an easy year.

If I was to make a New Years resolution this year, it would probably involve being involved in less stuff. The end of this year was just flat out crazy, and I still haven't recovered. The end of next year should be a little less manic, as we won't be marking, and we won't be writing the LARP for Kapcon - 3 years of involvement in a row is plenty.

I am starting to get quite excited about Kapcon - it's only 3 weeks away! And Morgue has just arrived back and registered, which is awesome.

Anyone who is thinking about maybe coming to Kapcon - you totally should. Check out for details, and be sure to tell other people about it too. We always welcome new players and new GMs.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mildly busy...

There are just a few things happening at the moment, so I am somewhat busier than usual. I won't go into the boring details, but I am actually looking forward to the last week of school, even though that's crunch time for junior prizegiving. The trips and presentations and reports and debate adjudicating will at least be over by then.

The trip that I went on this week was a lot of fun, although it did have its fair share of accompanying stress and extra work. The OnTV activity at Capital E is awesome! We took a bunch of students to it, and it was fantastic. I even got to play with the vision mixing desk at one point, bringing back fond memories of my university video production course.

I can fully see that it'd be a worthwhile experience for Year 13 Media Studies students, as the gear is all top notch and the facility is really cool, even though it's been designed for much younger kids (lots of bright colours, low desks and 'workstations', and an overall fun atmosphere). Heck, I'd even go so far as to say that it'd probably be a lot of fun for a group of adults to go there and put together a news show!

Anyways, I am semi-trapped in front of a computer waiting for a DVD to burn, so I thought I'd post a quick message here before doing some reports work. It would be nice if the DVD burner was a little faster - I have 10 copies of the DVD to make, and this one's taking about 7 minutes to burn. That's a long time to have to be near the computer to change discs - longer than I can manage today!

Hmmm, reports await...