Friday, December 31, 2010

Xmas pressie - 7 inch android tablet from Chinavision

EDIT: Here's one of those 3 years ago size comparison pics:

Dom has long enjoyed playing with our ipod touch, so for xmas his grandmother wanted to get him something similar but with a bigger screen. An ipad would have been ideal if they were a little cheaper :-) As an alternative Dom got a 7 inch Android tablet from a place called I ordered it on his grandmother's behalf on the 12th of Dec. It arrived in NZ on xmas eve, and was delivered to our house on the first subsequent non-public-holiday day (the 29th?).

It's neat. Dom loves it!

What it does well:
- has a 7 inch touch screen. This is a lot bigger than an ipod touch.
- lets Dom browse photos using the touchscreen. He's already pretty good at navigating his way around the photo browser.
- plays the little, compressed videos I made for the cellphone.
- has speakers which are a good volume for indoor use (maybe not loud enough for the car or a plane?)
- Can connect to wireless and browse the web

What it struggles with:
- playing videos at medium to large resolution
- it takes a little longer to turn on than the ipod touch

It's a fantastic present for Dominic and he's very, very happy. It's also a timely one as we accidentally left our ipod touch on the plane on our flight down to Chch. It was found by the airline staff and picked up by Dom's grandparents and is awaiting collection so the story has a happy ending, and Dom will have 2 devices at his disposal for photo browsing and video watching in future :-)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Summertime, and the blogging is infrequent...

We have been in the ocean 5 or 6 days a week since the middle of November, with the notable exception of our recent, lovely trip to Christchurch where we only made it into the sea twice in six days. We were there for the biggish after shock which was fun, with cars jumping and lights shaking on top of the parking building at Riccarton Mall. There are a number of nice photos from the past six weeks or so, and Dom's grandmothers enjoy photos of him, so I'll try to get around to uploading them in the next few days or weeks :-)