Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More podcasts

So I've recorded a few more podcasts for EDF, had my accent described as 'plummy Aussie', and also put together a podcast of two of the stories from the A Foreign Country Anthology. And I youtubed a review of a USB condenser mic. It's nice to be between prizegivings and have some time to take a breather and work on my playing-with-toys skills. The next project is working out how successfully a $10 RCA switcher, $20 usb capture device, a $40 audio mixer, 2 mics and 3 cameras can be connected to a laptop to enable multi-camera studio-style shooting in the classroom. I *think* it'll work OK, but it remains to be seen how smoothly the switch on the RCA switcher moves and whether there'll be too much loss of signal during switching...

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