Saturday, January 31, 2009

Threadless t-shirt design

I submitted a design to, a t-shirt making website. If you have/sign up for a threadless account you can now vote for how awesome it is :-)

My Submission

It's the old Apocalypse Cow art from the Cow card game. Vote high, vote often and I might get money and prizes!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stolen photos

I love taking sneaky photos with the bride and groom at weddings. Well, at weddings I've been invited to anyway. I got a great photo with Erik and Giffy at their wedding by running up between family photos and ambushing them. This year we took Dominic to Morgue and Cal's civil union and he was being a little noisy. Squealy in fact. High pitched squealing in an echoing room

In the process of taking Dom out of the main room into side areas to spare people the noise, I happened to come across Cal - and got a quick photo with the beautiful bride while she was still un-unioned :-)

Not long after that (having tried to catch some of the ceremony then exiting via a different door) Debbie, Dom and I found Morgue!

We went outside after that and took some photos, managing to sneak back in for the end of the ceremony.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kapcon weekend

School holidays continue to be excellent relaxing fun. Debbie, Dom and I have been back to the Otaihanga reserve several times, as well as taking beach walks and the occasional dip in the ocean. We've been talking about gaming, our plans for this year, the future, all sorts of stuff. The gist of it is that we're very happy where we are, are lucky to be in the position we're currently in, but would be happy to move or change things if need or desire arose.

So that's pretty cool.

I've set myself a writing target for this year - 100,000 words of fiction. That's probably somewhere between one and a half or two YA novels? It'll be good to have a target to work towards :-)

Gaming on Sunday was really enjoyable, and it has made me keen for more. We're keen to game in two ways:

- with one of us on Dom duty
- together if it's a silly, fun game where Dom can romp about without causing too much of a distraction

For GoDCon or Confusion we might pop down to Wellington and split the con, with me attending in the morning and Debbie in the afternoon. Maybe. Or some other plans might emerge.

Either way, it was fun to get to go to Kapcon a little and I'm looking forward to next year. Who knows, if none of my relatives are getting married that weekend my parents might even come down and look after Dom so both Debbie and I can be at Kapcon at the same time!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Otaihanga Reserve/Waikanae River Walk

Today Debbie, Dominic and I took a walk along the Waikanae river, starting in the beautiful Otaihanga Reserve, crossing a bridge and walking inland along the edge of El Rancho (an activity/camp site). It was a stunning walk and we took many photos. Next time we invite people up this way we're planning to have a picnic in the reserve :-)


Peekaboo! There are quite a few areas that would be cool for an outdoors larp.

I love the smell of Nature in the morning.

Look Dominic - water!

Smile and look casual!

Debbie and Dom make their way back across the Waikanae river.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Henry Rollins Show Season 1 DVDs = Great!

Got an excellent Christmas pressie from my brother - the first season of the Henry Rollins Show on DVD. Have watched a few episodes in the past few days and am really enjoying it. It's a talk show with one guest a week and extra Rollins material like monologues, letters to famous people, bits of his spoken word stuff animated, and a band performing each week.

One episode that might be of interest to some was the Eddie Izzard/Death Cab for Cutie combo ep. I've also really enjoyed the interviews with Kevin Smith, Michael Chiklis and Oliver Stone. Lots of episodes still to watch but it's already one of my favourite Christmas presents of recent time (along with all the other awesome presents I've been given) :-)

Friday, January 09, 2009


Matt, he draws on whiteboards.

Brought the school camera home after putting up posters so I could upload photos of the much more decorated classroom, and found a few snaps of stuff I'd drawn on my whiteboard last year. I will try to take more pictures of what I end up drawing over the coming months...

Some closeups:

I drew the sagging boobs hag first, then had to ask the class how they would draw a hag. Big nose and wart seemed so obvious once they were pointed out to me...

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Over the past few days my classroom has become much more colourful thanks to about $18 worth of movie posters from video stores and a bunch of cool star wars character miniposters from an old Empire magazine! (and lots of hard work by Debbie and my visiting family)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ancient fiction

I think from about 1994? Complete with way too many commas!

"A little exercise never hurt anyone," my old school master used to say. Well, not quite true for Tommy Wilcox, poor boy ran on frost and ice long enough to lose 3 toes to frostbite, while the rest of us jogged on in fear of lashing, silently thankful yet guilty of our running shoes and socks. Not true either for Ishmel, the kid from the poor part of town, whose parents sold their two youngest children to put him through school, who came in last in the year's end hurdle race. Last straight, running like a born athlete, giving it all the effort his siblings' plight deserved, when disaster struck. Jumping the last hurdle, 20 metres ahead of the nearest runner, he came down hard and fell into a roll, his left foot bouncing across the track away from him. Poor kid had comve over all leprous in his final year, tried not to pay it any mind, 'til it finally lost him a limb, and his parents, with no kids left to sell, had to send him off to a leper colony, where he was happily received thanks to his literacy, and the books he brought with him, his education a boon as he limped round on makeshift crutches, reading aloud, and cursing his luck...

Family Visiting Fun

Busy last few days with Debbie's mum visiting, then my parents and brother staying for two nights. It was lovely. We:

- played with Dom's toys (including new xmas pressies)
- went and fed the ducks in the park
- went shopping
- had yummy pork roast
- had yummy bbq
- went to cafe (Dom was very well behaved once he had nummy morrocan chicken to chew on)
- went to Southward Car Museum, and really, really enjoyed it
- decorated my classroom with 12 new posters
- watched a lot of Top Gear
- swapped much TV (although a couple things seem to have failed to copy)
- put hats on Dominic and remarked on his cuteness
- went splashing about in the ocean

More photos coming soon.