Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Perfume, cute photos, clothes and such

Debbie and I watched Perfume last night (actually we watched most of it last night, then I fell asleep (we were watching it in bed), so we watched the end this morning). I found it to be quite an odd, but a very compelling film. I thought they did a great job of using a visual medium to show how powerful a character's response to smells were. The fact that the actor playing the main character was Pingu from Nathan Barley (a very funny, adult Brit comedy) made me feel sympathetic to the lead character, even when he was killing people.

I missioned out to Harvey Norman today to print off some photos, both for my office at school and for the photo album. I got a large copy of this photo, 'cos it's quite a cutey:

And for anyone who's interested, Dominic now fits some 3-6 month clothing rather well:

Coming soon: The terrifying tale of Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse - or what happens when children's book writers have nervous breakdowns.


macow said...

Then we may need to go shopping to maintain his sartorial elegance when we visit - a visit which we are much looking forward to :-)

matt said...

Ooh, shopping! Neat :-)