Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CT Scan and Results

So, last Monday Dominic had a traumatic time in hospital, getting his arms twisted and squeezed to make the veins stick out, having a big needle stuck in the back of his hand, and then having his chest scanned.

There were multiple attempts at the scan, which required him to lie still. We'd been told by a neonatal nurse that the plan was to either get the baby to sleep through it by feeding him, or else to sedate him. It turned out the staff doing the CT were opposed to sedation, so they kept telling us to go into the brightly lit, noisy, windy (it was a very windy day and there were doors open everywhere) waiting room and "get your baby to go to sleep".

Incredibly he did settle each time, but woke up when they decided to take his clothes off, inject contrast dye, switch on the machine etc. On the third time he woke up they abandoned the sleep plan and got Debbie to put her finger in his mouth to suck on and stroke his head, and he stayed still enough for the scan.

We got the results yesterday, and it's a mixed bag. He does have a CCAM. It's at the top of the lower lobe of his right lung.

We knew this already.

Because of the position, it can't simply be snipped out. If it is taken out, it will have to be a lobectomy - losing one of three lobes in the right lung. This is a slightly bigger surgery, and while the outcome is similar (you can get on fine without one lobe) it's not as simple a surgery.

So, the new plan is to keep an eye on it and see if it causes any trouble. If not, Dom won't have surgery. If it does cause infections or anything, the operation will go ahead.

So, not really good news, but at least he doesn't have to have an operation this year.

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