Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kickstarting a Novel: Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton

I've heard of Kickstarter before. I know a few people who have crowdfunded projects. Today I decided to back a project set up by Ripley Patton to self-publish a YA novel called Ghost Hand:

Why this project? Because Ripley is an awesome, talented, community-minded writer who has given a whole heck of a lot to the NZ spec fic community. Because her series of blog posts about her self-publishing process has been really interesting to read:

And because a good friend of mine, Morgue, once agreed to buy something Debbie and I had made without a thought, without hesitation, without wanting to see it first, because he trusted us and because he wanted to support creative people doing good stuff.

I'm backing it because Ripley is good people.

I was pleased by the ease of use - as long as I didn't mind linking together a couple of accounts I didn't have to type in anything but existing passwords. Just sign into Kickstarter using my facebook account, pay with my amazon account. Boom.

 Go check out the project. It looks good. And back it if you can :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the support. I especially liked the point you make about the confidence (or love) it takes to back something sight-unseen. I think you have to trust the body of work the person already has, or the talent they've expressed in the past, or just have a really open heart.

So far, I'm amazed at the people willing to trust in me and Ghost Hand. Whatever happens with the project, it has already been a truly encouraging experience.

Morgan said...

It is good doing of human stuff, to hug people and support their things. Because the things are often awesome, but more importantly, the things are an expression of that person's particular way of being in the world. And that is always, always, always good to share.

(Hello fellow commenter Ripley Patton good luck for your kickstart!)