Thursday, November 01, 2007


I am now taking a micro-break from marking a whole bunch of Year 13 work. The deadline for getting results onto the system for internally assessed work is fast looming (a week and a half or so away), and my Y13 class have decided to swamp me with all the work they didn't do earlier in the year.

It's much the same as last year, something I was aware was coming, but it's still a hell of a shift in gears as their output more than trebles as their time draws to a close.

THe exhaustion is exacerbated by the play that is on at the moment, which I will be filming tonight (and tomorrow if there's a problem with tonight's run). The show is hilarious - I had to take my glasses off at one point to wipe away the tears of laughter. Of course, I felt a little self-conscious laughing so uproariously at what were, in some cases, my own jokes. But that's OK, just because I helped write it doesn't make it any less funny, and the performances have taken some of the material to levels of goodness beyond what I'd hoped for. The Te Reo teacher especially rocked the house in his guest role, though it was a close-run thing with some of the students as to who was the funniest.

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Seraph said...

Good luck with the play man !
Ain't it weird when someone acting out your 'jokes' on stage can make them far funnier than they ever looked on paper ? Or funnier than you could do them ?
Curse those talented punks !