Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shotgun mic review

I bought a 14.37 inch HDTZ HT-81 shotgun mic from suntekstore.com:

Worldwide Free Shipping: 14.37 inch Shotgun Microphone $31.91 (US)

After a couple days of using it I'm pretty impressed. The company had a problem with my credit card (possibly around the billing address?) so they emailed me to ask me to pay via paypal. Once that was sorted (2 days after placing order) the mic shipped within about 36 hours, took 11 days to reach me (Thursday before Easter through to a Monday). It was safely packaged in a bubble-envelope.

What you get:
- Gun microphone (14.37in / 36.5cm long / metal body)
- Stereo 0.25in (6.35mm) jack to mini 0.14in (3.5mm) jack adaptor
- Cable: 26.05ft (8m) 0.25in (6.35mm) jack - XLR cable
- Anti-wind foam cap
- Two microphone clips (one for hot/cold-shoe, one for mic stand)
- Storage box (Black)
- English instructional manual

Initial impressions:
I like this mic more than my old ATR-55 for a few reasons. It's slightly louder than the atr-55, which means it can be placed a little further away from the speaker and still get a really nice sound. Its construction is nice and solid. The battery compartment (AA) is a little tight, but you don't want the battery rattling around in there so that's not a problem. The sound is good for a cheap mic - easily as good as my old atr-55. In the video above you can hear the difference between the shotgun mic and a dynamic (non-powered) singstar mic.

I used it with an Olympus voice recorder too, and was very pleased with the sound. I recorded a podcast of a short story from everydayfiction.com - I'll link to it once it's up.

- Good length cable
- Cheap price
- Free shipping
- Nice sound

- The mic clips are usable but are hard plastic (like my old atr-55 ones) and thus may break rather than bend over time. They're cheap to replace though.

I am very glad I picked up one of these HT-81 14.37 inch shotgun mics from suntekstore.com. Great price, good performance so far, useful accessories. If it lasts longer than 3 months it will have outperformed my Audio Technica ATR-55 in every respect :-)

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Note: If you buy a mic (or anything else, I think) after clicking through from the link above I get some $, apparently, through an affiliate program. Sounds like a sweet deal to me :-)

EDIT: 26th April - Here are links to 2 podcasts recorded with the mic and an Olympus voice recorder:

Ripples over on everydayfiction.com

The Spectre Bride - on my podbean account


macow said...

I left a comment yesterday, along the lines of good to see you, can we play with this toy on the weekend and looking forward tyo seeing you. I thought it had saved but........I am trying again :)

Matt said...

This time, it has worked! Looking forward to the weekend too :-)